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Un nuovo anno: un nuovo libro

For the third year in a row I did not tweet a single thing on @MeneerSamyn. Instead I have gathered my oh-so clever thoughts in a little book that you can read or download in PDF format or purchase in print on Blurb.

Quest’anno ho deciso di scrivere il libro in italiano. Per esercitarmi nell’apprendimento della lingua ma anche per diminuire ancora la quantità di lettori. In un’epoca in cui tutti sono famosi per 15 persone, considero un atto di eroismo scegliere la modestia. Eh sì: sono un eroe.

—Michael Samyn.

Another year, another book

In 2019 I again kept my thoughts on art, music, politics, media, etc, offline and unshared until now. You can read my seconded “untweeted” book here or buy a printed copy here.

Next year I’m writing this in Italian. So that even fewer people will read it!

—Michaël Samyn.

I wrote a book!

At the end of 2017 I decided, as a New Year’s resolution, not to tweet in 2018. Instead of posting to my @MeneerSamyn account, I confided my thoughts to the iPad Notes app or to Google Keep. I have now collected and categorized the notes and published them as a book. You can download the PDF here. Or buy a hard copy at Blurb.

I will no doubt continue not using Twitter next year. I didn’t miss it. And I very much enjoyed taking notes without pressure and then reading them later. I hope you enjoy it too.

—Michaël Samyn.