The Endless Forest II beta 3

With any luck this will be the final closed beta version of the remake of The Endless Forest.

Some major networking errors were fixed in this release. Hopefully it all works well now. Because I really only half know what I’m doing or how Unreal Engine is supposed to do networking. So development is going through a bit of trial and error.

In this version a lot of small bugs were fixed, notably relating to some Abiogenesis features.

I also figured out what was making the previous build so huge: a completely unnecessary file over a Gigabyte in size! Each time I build the game, the process is different, even when I use the exact same version of the engine. The old way didn’t work anymore but the new way is fairly smooth, except for the hours that Visual Studio takes to compile things. I have to reserve the better part of a week just to make a build.

A download link has been sent to all backers. Thank you for your support!