Welcome to my new development log!

I want to share the things that I’m working on with you, so you can see where we are and where we’re heading and when you can expect new releases. This first post is a little introduction to what’s going on at the moment. In future posts I will elaborate on single projects in more details.

My time is divided among a number of projects at the moments. I’m continuing support of Sunset by fixing bugs and adding translations (French is almost done!). I’m prototyping two new projects. A lightly interactive animation film based on a game idea we had called An empty World (teaser video here), now codenamed in Dutch Een lege Wereld. And a collaboration with Flemish novelist Gaea Schoeters, named Die ochtend, in bed (Dutch for “That morning, in bed”), for which we were given a small grant, . There’s also several older ideas that offer new potential now that I’m now looking at them with non-game eyes. We have two collections of images on Tumblr that I want to use as starting points for new projects: Cinderoohla and The Neighbours. More about those later. And the day before yesterday, while visiting the Wallraf-Richartz museum in Cologne, an idea finally came to me on how to make the piece about religious imagery that’s haunted us for years.

For one of these projects (or maybe yet another one) we will run a Kickstarter campaign in October. Not sure which one yet. I originally wanted to run a Kickstarter for a graphic novel about the wolves in our 2009 game The Path. I’ve written the scenario for it but we’ve decided against dealing with such extremely violent subject matter at the moment.

Looking forward to sharing more.

And thanks again for your support! You are the cornerstone for this new mode of creation that we’re embarking on.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my new development log!

  1. I’m looking forward to the next updates. It’s always interesting to read about other peoples way of working, even if it’s work that’s completely out of my line. Hope you share some of your thoughts about your work of progress, if that’s possible without giving too much away.

    The Neighbours tumblr has some cool pictures.

  2. (Éter Hemera Sonmi here! Lirio is a nickname I often use.)

    I’m glad to read this. There are already quite a few projects going on. That’s great!

    Loved the Cinderoohla tumblr!

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