The Unreal Forest: step 9

We’re making steady progress remaking The Endless Forest in Unreal Engine.

Over the past month we have added the idols, the graves and the mysterious cage to the church ruin area. We have added the ambient forest sounds and sounds and dust to the deer’s running and braking (and sniffing!). And we have increased the running speed to match the current game.

The deer now also jumps over obstacles and can hop either by pressing a button or a key or automatically onto certain objects.
We have added the audio and visual effect when running through trees as well. And poppies can now also be picked up and worn in antlers. And butterflies now appear above flower patches.

The interface was also improved. The cursor now remains visible. The camera zoom path has been tweaked to be more similar to the original. This can now be done with the scroll wheel too. And the action bar can now be scaled. Just like the border where we have added the little icons to point at the directions of landmarks and other players.

And last but not least, we have added the visual effect when deer intersect with each other.

Many of these elements were implemented in a completely different way than in the original engine. But we strive to make them look as similar as possible. And hopefully with improved performance.

With all this Phase One is almost complete. I will be looking into networking over the next weeks.

We hope you will enjoy the upcoming holidays in The Endless Forest. They may be the last in the original game. If all goes well, touching wood.



5 thoughts on “The Unreal Forest: step 9

  1. Hey Michael, the progress on TEF looks amazing and I really look forward to the release of it! Great work!

    I was wondering, however, will there be an option to turn on/off the glow ring when intersecting other players?

    1. Thank you!

      We are currently focused on making as faithful a copy as possible. But we might be able to add a switch for that later. But why would you want to disable it?

      1. Hi Michael! This is looking really beautiful. <3

        I also think having an option to disable it in the menu (just like some of the other effects/graphics) could be nice because some of us like to have multiple deer close together/touching for long periods of time and it can get a little bit crazy when there's multiple glow rings going off. And it could also be helpful for people with computers that are on the older side.

  2. It is a very pretty effect, but to be honest it hurts my eyes a little bit. If you’re uncomfortable with an on/off option, maybe a slider bar that will allow us to adjust the brightness of it.

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