Cathedral-in-the-Clouds KS campaign draft

I have started the creation of the Kickstarter campaign page for Cathedral-in-the-Clouds. We plan to launch the campaign on 21 October. Please have a look at the current draft and let me know your comments and suggestions. The video, illustrations and campaign image are just early sketches and placeholders. And some illustrations are still missing. But I’d like to take your input on board when continuing.

Would you back this project?

And if so, what reward would you choose?

If not, what’s keeping you?


PS: Don’t share the Kickstarter link. This is just for you.

PS 2: Here’s a new preview link. The video and page are now almost complete in terms of content. Let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Cathedral-in-the-Clouds KS campaign draft

  1. Hi Michaël, the main motivation I’d back this project is curiosity and the urge to get immersed in something which I’m not sure how ‘touching’ it will be for me. (to some extend this has been my motivation to experience all ToT I followed up until today). I’m looking forward to ‘scratch the surface of the mystery presented’ and see where it leads.

    The only thing that I’m still in doubt about is the interaction modality / modalities you’re thinking of. I’m not entirely convinced that swiping my finger around on a screen will be ‘moving’ enough. On the current KS draft, you have an up/down arrow – which is for some reason not ‘compatible’ with the way I currently think about Cathedral in the Clouds. I’d love to see this part being elaborated on, and I can imagine it doesn’t stop at one type of interaction. Right now I’m thinking about blowing in the microphone to make the ‘view’ move around … or physically moving around in my own street to uncover more of the image (GPS based or something).

    Regarding backer rewards, ever since I saw the ‘guided visit to St. baafs’ mentioned as a backer reward in the house of indie’s screenshake event last year it hasn’t left my mind. If I can convince my partner, I’d seriously consider ‘investing’ in that experience.

    1. I’m not too worried about the interaction. The image itself is important. I think any interacting that serves revealing part of the image will work. At most, I think the interaction should provide for a way to occupy the body while the mind is focused. Or to help focus the mind. So we’re not looking for the interaction to express or amuse or even move. It’s the image that matters.
      (an art historical term for this is “Andachtsbild”)

      I don’t want to decide on any particular mechanics until we have real material to work with. And ideally the pieces should allow for different ways to do the sliding.

      I want to visualize this sliding/revealing in an animated GIF on the KS page. That’s the meaning of those arrows.

      We like bringing people to “our” cathedral! :-)

  2. I totally agree that the image should be central element, and it even makes more sense after re-reading your patreon post on interactivity. I’m mostly inspired by the quote “I love the feeling of events happening now, of being in the moment with the character.” – it would be nice to see this happen in Cathedral in the Clouds.

    The arrows on the current KS draft are perhaps misleading in that respect, that people might expect something ‘interactive’ – whereas that might not be your prime goal. At least, that was my first interpretation.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. The idea is to make an animation. Without arrows. The arrows in the sketch just illustrate the direction of the motion. Sorry for the confusion.

      Yes, “being in the moment with the character” is exactly what we want to create for in this project!

  3. Well I think the whole idea sounds wonderful, and I think your kickstarter looks welcoming to both art-lovers and newcomers. You could add a word about you sort of looking for the digital equivalent of the old Flemish masters, and that you’re building upon that tradition in some sense. The fact that you are Flemish yourself makes a lot of difference I think, or at least it does to me.
    Being poor I probably would not be able to pledge very much of course, but the Ghent tour sure sounds cool.~

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, I should highlight the “Flemish Connection” more. It’s actually in important point for me: to “re-appropriate” my own culture that is being taken away from by right wing populists on the one hand and secular activism on the other.

      I’m sure we can organize a “tour for the poor” some time. ;-)

      That’s enough quotation marks for one day.

  4. I like the emphasis on the Flemish Connection in the video. It gave me a better sense of what Cathedral might be.
    Given how important sound has been in other ToT projects, I was surprised to see no mention of sound in Cathedral. Whether there is sound or not, you may want to mention that in the Kickstarter description.

    1. I’m glad you appreciate the Flemish Connection. To me it feels like a coincidence. But there’s no such thing, I guess. :-)

      You’re right. I will mention sound. It is indeed important in our work, if only as elaborate ways to evoke silence.

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