Olia Lialina & Michaël Samyn

>>> : tomorrow i leave for three days. i'll be back.
>> : if your plane doesn't crash... ;)=)
> : It's happened and i write to you from paradise.
: So there's an internet connection between heaven & hell?

Heaven&Hell is a linear site. Olia puts a page on a Russian server with a link to a page that doesn't exist yet on the Belgian server (hell). Then Michaël makes that page and includes a link to a non-existent page in heaven. Etcetera.

If you've visited this site before you might find it useful to skip some pages and jump directly to:
Sleepy Evil
East of
Don't smile
Made on Earth
New song
Your time

Heaven & Hell (1997-...)
This is an old project that started in 1997 and was not finished but abandoned not much later.
Maybe one day, the makers will come back and continue.
Meanwhile you can find them at http://will.teleportacia.org & http://entropy8zuper.org.